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Why I'm Running

Government Transparency and Ethics Reform in Georgia are one of my top legislative priorities. We need to reform the states ethics laws to create real punishments for elected officials who violate them.

I want to create legislation that will require all local and state governments to:

  1. Have an independent ethics and accountability commission.
  2. Hold at least 50% of their public meetings after daytime working hours in a location that has free parking and is accessible for the disabled.

We need industry and development to attract good paying jobs for our growing veteran population, college graduates, and all citizens in the Chatham-Bryan-Liberty County region. Chatham County has 26% poverty and Bryan County has 13.2%– mostly the working poor. I’ll work on creating policy that removes roadblocks to sustainable industry in our region. It’s time to help our small businesses thrive and give them the same breaks we extend the big businesses.

Georgia is home to 30% of the salt marshes on the eastern seaboard. We need more environmentally conscious voices in the Georgia General Assembly to protect the low country from destructive and irresponsible over-development. I am avidly opposed to offshore oil drilling and any further destruction of our beautiful salt marshes.

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